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Christian Light Education: A Homeschooler's Guide to CLE Curriculum

What does Christian Light Education curriculum offer the home schooling family? We examine the grades covered, the Mennonite frame of reference, and the pros and cons of this particular company. Learn the facts to make an informed decision about CLE.

Whether you are a homeschool educator, involved parent, or a traditional classroom teacher, have you ever considered the following: “Do you want to foster a strong identity with Christian beliefs while imbibing the necessary elements for a solid education?”1

Child ReadingIf so, this review of Christian Light homeschool curriculum may help you answer that question, as well as provide you with a curriculum resource. Here we examine the grades covered, methodologies, pros and cons, and what religious beliefs are reflected in these materials.

Wikimedia Commons/Lilla Cabot Perry/Public Domain

Meet the Publisher

Christian Light Education (CLE) is a division of Christian Light Publications (CLP.) Here’s some key information about the company behind the curriculum. CLP was founded in 1969 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The company organization consists of a nine member board, and a 15 member advisory board that represents different church groups.

The homeschool materials reflect the framework of the conservative Mennonite lifestyle and beliefs, according to their website. The curriculum, teacher materials, and resources “adhere to Biblical fundamentals.” 2

Curriculum samples are available for teacher guides, diagnostic tests, and selected subjects. Individuals can order online, or call the toll-free number, and pay with a major credit card or Paypal, and the curriculum can be used in the United States or Canada. According to their customer service personnel at the time of this writing, items were in-stock and would ship within one to two business days. Now, let’s look at the specific academic and elective courses offered by CLP.

Elementary and High School Subjects

The following core academic subjects are available for elementary: reading, Bible, language arts and vocabulary, math, science, and social studies. Choose from the following elementary electives to supplement other parts of your curriculum: art, Bible, music, penmanship, Spanish, vocabulary, state studies (choose a state), and map skills.

High School Electives

Christian Light offers a wide variety of topics and subjects for elective courses to enrich curricula such as: accounting, agri-science and horticulture, auto fundamentals, carpentry, Christian ethics, computer, Greek, home economics, and home repair and maintenance. A complete list of curriculum offerings can be found on the CLE website (

Customer Support and Resource Materials

When you purchase curriculum products from CLP, you also receive excellent customer service and support. What kind of support can you expect? Teacher training, workshops, recording keeping help, and general or curriculum support are just a few of the ways CLP supports their clients. Scope and sequence for elementary and high school curriculum planning are available, so you can be sure your program meets your state standards.

What's the Cost?

A year-long Bible study for grade four costs approximately $25 and includes a five unit student course and teacher manual. There is an optional answer key for about $3, but since the answers are included in the teacher’s manual, purchasing this seems redundant. A comparable year-long study from Rod and Staff, with similar components, costs approximately $29. Rod and Staff is also a Mennonite faith-based curriculum, making this an “apples to apples” comparison.